Fair for Life Certification

Sustainable Botanicals Chile SpA Awarded ‘Fair for Life’ Certification

SANTIAGO, Chile  • Sustainable Botanicals Chile SpA has been awarded ‘Fair for Life’ certification of its Rosehip Seed Oil sourced from the Patagonia of Chile, reinforcing its commitment to fair and ethical trade relationships in the country where it partners with the Chilean government, local communities and harvesters of this product.

Fair for Life certification aims to enforce good working conditions for all participants in the supply chain and validates the social and environmental responsibility of the collection network. Fair for Life also covers fair prices and the administration of fair- trade premium for community development projects, while ensuring full traceability of the certified raw material.

Jay Ewald, Sustainable Botanicals Chile SpA’s Chief Executive Officer commented, “By taking this first step to certify our collection network, we are demonstrating our commitment to responsible sourcing practices and partnering for shared success with our communities, suppliers and customers. This combined with our traceability controlling the products from farm, fields, forests to formulator, is part of our greater vision of our continued growth and success.”

The Fair for Life certification program for fair-trade and responsible supply chains is conducted by the ECOCERT Group, a global player in the certification of environmental management systems and fair trade.

About Sustainable Botanicals

Sustainable Botanicals, parent company of Sustainable Botanicals Chile SpA, is building a global enterprise through acquisition and greenfield business development of responsibly sourced botanical oils and extracts. By creating a seamless, vertically integrated botanical ingredient value chain from farm to formulator, the company is a reliable supplier of products into the personal care and nutraceuticals industries. Sustainable Botanicals currently offers organic and refined Rosehip Seed Oil and Hazelnut Seed Oil and will be announcing additions to those products in the near term.

About ECOCERT Group

Fair for Life is a certification program for fair trade and responsible supply chains launched in 2006 by IMOswiss AG, now part of the ECOCERT Group. ECOCERT Group, a global leader in certification in organic farming and organic cosmetics, relies on an international network of 30 branches operating in more than 130 countries. ECOCERT is also a recognized player in the certification of environmental management systems and fair trade. It sets demanding standards to encourage economic players across all sectors to adopt more responsible practices. Its expertise also covers environmental consulting. In accordance with its convictions, ECOCERT applies a rigorous environmental policy to all of its activities.