Rosehip Powder

What Makes SBI’s Rosehip Powder Superior?

    • Wild-cultivated and harvested in the foothills of the Andes
    • Grown with pure water from snow, rain and natural runoff
    • SBI’s fields are the furthest from the equator in the world, for
      healthier fruit
    • Upcycled from tea production

Local Benefits

  • According to Ecocert, we are the only Rosehip producer in the world with Fair for Life certification.
  • We have been improving the livelihoods of indigenous inhabitants (Mapuche and Patagones) who harvest the fruit for years.
  • Traceability, controlling the product from the forests, farms, fields to the formulator, will be very difficult to match.
  • We have thousands of hectares long-term contracted between 37 – 44°S latitude, versus 29°S in Eastern Europe where most rosehip is grown.


  • Vitamin A, E and C
  • Potassium and Magnesium
  • Antioxidants
  • Suggested use levels are nutritional powders: 20-100%; facial scrubs: 4-6%; exfoliating lotions and creams: 3-10%; bar soaps: 3-5%.

Botanical Name Rosa Rubiginosa
Rosa Canina
CAS Number 92347-25-6
INCI Name Rosa Rubiginosa
Rosa Canina
EINCS 296-213-3
HS CODE 08134095
Origin Chile
Plant Part Fruit/Seeds
Extraction Method Upcycled/Ground
Aroma Mild, nutty
Applications Skincare, Hair Care, Nutritiional, Cosmetics
Storage Keep away from heat