Boronia Oil

Boronia Absolute Oil is a highly aromatic oil that is derived from the flowers of the Boronia megastigma plant, which is native to Tasmania. It is extracted through a process known as solvent extraction, which involves using a solvent to extract the aromatic compounds from the flowers. The resulting oil is a thick, viscous liquid that is dark green in color & has a rich, floral aroma with fruity & spicy undertones.

Bulk Boronia Absolute Oil at Wholesale Pricing

As a leading supplier of bulk Boronia Absolute Oil, Sustainable Botanicals International is committed to providing high-quality, sustainable botanical products. SBI take great care to ensure that our Boronia Absolute Oil is of the highest quality & purity. The oil undergoes rigorous testing and analysis to ensure that it meets strict quality standards.

As a bulk Boronia Essential Oil supplier, SBI source the oil directly from reputable growers & distillers, ensuring that the oil meets the high standards of quality and purity. The oil would then be packaged in large quantities, such as drums or barrels & sold to customers who require it in their manufacturing processes.

Chemical components of Boronia Absolute Oil

Boronia lactone: It is a highly aromatic compound that is responsible for the rich, floral scent of the oil. It contains a ring structure with an ester functional group.

Alpha-pinene: This is a monoterpene compound which has a fresh, pine-like aroma and is believed to have antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties.

Beta-pinene: Beta-pinene is another monoterpene compound that has a fresh, woody aroma & is believed to have pain-relieving properties.

Myrcene: A terpene compound and is believed to have sedative and relaxing properties.

Linalool: Linalool is a terpene alcohol that is believed to have relaxing & sedative properties.

Key features and benefits of Boronia Absolute Oil

Aroma profile: Boronia Essential Oil has a highly aromatic and complex floral scent with fruity and spicy undertones & used as a top or middle note in perfumes and other fragrances.

High-quality product: It is a highly valued and sought-after essential oil that is free from additives & contaminants, which can ensure a premium product for consumers.

Therapeutic properties: Boronia Absolute Oil helps to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression and promote restful sleep.

Customizable packaging: Some suppliers of Boronia Essential Oil offer customizable packaging options, such as different bottle sizes or labeling options which can be beneficial for businesses that want to customize their products or branding.

Boronia Absolute Oil blends well with

Geranium Oil, Jasmine Oil, Lavender Oil, Neroli Oil, Rose Oil and Sandalwood Oil

Common Uses:

  • Cosmetics
  • Food and Beverage
  • Aromatherapy

Botanical Name Boronia Megastigma
CAS Number 91771-36-7 / 8053-33-6
INCI Name Boronia Megastigma Oil
Origin Tasmania
Plant Part Flower
Extraction Method Solvent Extraction
Aroma Floral, Fresh
Applications Aromatherapy, Fragrance, Personal Care
Storage Cool, Dark and Dry Place

1. What is the minimum order quantity for buying Boronia Absolute Oil in bulk?

The minimum order quantity is 1kg.

2. What are the packaging options available for bulk Boronia Absolute Oil?

Common packaging options for bulk quantities include glass bottles, plastic containers, and drums. Some suppliers may also offer customized packaging options upon request.

3. What are the lead times for ordering bulk Boronia Absolute Oil?

The lead times for ordering bulk Boronia Essential Oil may vary depending on the supplier and the quantity ordered. Some suppliers may have a ready stock available for immediate shipment, while others may require a lead time of several weeks for production and delivery.

4. What is the shelf life of Boronia Absolute Oil when purchased in bulk?

Generally, it has a shelf life of around 2-3 years when stored in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and heat.

5. Are there any regulatory requirements for buying Boronia Absolute Oil in bulk?

Yes, there may be regulatory requirements depending on the country of origin and destination. It is important to ensure that the oil meets all relevant regulatory requirements and has the necessary documentation, such as a certificate of analysis and safety data sheet, before making a purchase.