Lavender Oil

SBI’s Lavender Oil is 100% organically grown and processed.

Chilean Hazelnut Seed Oil

SBI’s Chilean Hazelnut Oil is 100% organically grown and processed (certified by Ecocert). Currently, SBI has 1,600 certified hectares of land, which will increase to 25,000 hectares during this season. Additionally, the company uses fair-trade practices and is working with smallholder farmers to be Fair Trade certified during 2019. The wild natural Gevuina avellana is […]

Rosehip Seed Oil

WHAT MAKES SBI’S ROSEHIP SUPERIOR? Wild-cultivated and harvested in the foothills of the Andes. Grown with pure water from snow, rain and natural runoff. SBI’s fields are the furthest from the equator in the world, for healthier fruit. No concerns over drought. Our operation benefits local families.   FAIR FOR LIFE CERTIFICATION According to Ecocert, […]