Our Products

SBI finds sources of products that have attractive chemistries and are unique to the regions where we work.


We acquire or strategically align ourselves with unique specialty botanical ingredient businesses that individually do not have the necessary resources and scale to compete internationally.

Through these relationships, SBI uses fair-trade principles to source its raw products from local and native small-holder farmers and local commercial producers.

The company then processes the product, using the latest extraction technologies, to provide the purest, clearest and most aromatic botanical ingredient available.

The final products, which are natural and Certified Organic, are then exported to distributors, specialty ingredient formulators and finished product manufacturers.

This enables SBI to have full control and traceability over the botanical ingredient value chain.

SBI’s unique products originate from every corner of the world, including: the natural forests of the Chilean Patagonia, the lush biodiversity of Colombia, the vast pampas of Argentina and the southern highlands of Tanzania.

Natural Ingredients

  • Derived from naturally-occurring raw materials with minimal processing
  • No use of GMOs
  • No use of pesticides
  • No irradiated ingredients
  • No animal testing
  • Biodegradable

Reliable Labeling

  • Packaging in indelible, legible, and visible characters
  • Trade name and address included
  • Nominal contents at the time of packaging, by weight or volume
  • “Best used before the end of …” for perishable products (shelf durability <30 months), or display safe period of time after opening

Rosehip Seed Oil

Chilean Hazelnut Seed Oil