Essential Oils

Essential oils are concentrated extracts of certain flowers, leaves, roots, barks, fruits, seeds, stems, rinds, or any other part of a plant derived to capture and retain their aroma. Essential oils have several health benefits and are used in a variety of cosmetics, herbal medicines, sanitation products, and so on. Sustainable Botanicals International offers wholesale essential oils to various businesses in the cosmetics and healthcare sectors among others. SBI is a reliable wholesale essential oils supplier and supply bulk essential oils to your doorstep.

SBI believes in benefitting and empowering several communities and segments through our business. Hence, SBI partners with small farmers for plant-based oil sources. As a wholesale essentials oils supplier, SBI has formed an ethical supply chain that encompasses everything from sourcing plants for oils from farmers to delivering bottled and packed oils to various businesses. If you require genuine essential oils, natural and organic, in wholesale quantities for your business application, SBI has you covered.

How Essential Oils Are Made?

The organic essential oils offered by SBI are steam-distilled at the farms to capture the fragrance which would otherwise dissipate into the air. The main process SBI uses to extract these oils is steam distillation. Steam is directed through the plant material and the mixture of hot vapors is collected and condensed to produce a liquid in which the oil and water form two distinct layers. Here are some pointers regarding this process.

  • The plant part is placed in a distillation chamber.
  • The chamber is heated, and steam is passed through the plant part, which contains natural oil molecules.
  • The steam carrying the essential oil vapor is condensed, resulting in two separate layers of oil and water in a single chamber.
  • The layer of natural oil is separated from water using a separator funnel.

Benefits of Essential Oils

SBI’s essential oils are absolutely pure and offer a wide range of benefits. Here are some of them.

  • Aromatherapy for Relaxation: Certain oils, such as lavender and vanilla, have a calming effect on our nerves. This helps reduce stress and anxiety, relaxes the nerves, mind, and body, and improve sleep quality at night.
  • Alternative Therapy: This segment of healthcare is gradually gaining traction and essentials oils are used to relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, and so on. While most of these oils are for inhaling or topical application, at times they are given orally as well by diluting in water. Rose aroma is commonly used in this segment.
  • Healing and Pain Relief: Some oils, such as peppermint oil have anti-inflammatory properties and are applied topically to help relieve pain and soreness. Steam inhalation of eucalyptus oil is done to treat some health conditions, release a stuffy nose, and so on.
  • Sanitation Products: Some of these oils have anti-bacterial properties. Essentials oils are widely used in various cleaning products, detergents, aroma diffusers, and more. Many such oils such as tea tree, lemongrass, and so on are used as mosquito repellants, and air fresheners.
  • Spas and Lifestyle Products: They are used in perfumes, scents, aromatic candles, and so on. They are much a part of beauty and massage regimes in spas and salons.
  • Skincare: Essential oils are commonly used in skincare products for their anti-inflammatory properties. They are used in skincare products and cosmetics such as soaps, body lotions, hair oils, body oils, and more. These oils are also used to add natural fragrance to products.

Applications of Sustainable Essential Oils

Sustainable Botanicals is privileged to have worked with clients from diverse sectors, and hence understand and analyze each requirement separately. We are wholesale essential oils supplier to a wide range of industries. Here are some of them.

  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Textiles
  • Perfume and fragrance manufacturers
  • Lifestyle products manufacturers
  • Cosmetics
  • Salons and spas
  • Home care manufacturers

Organic Essential Oils Wholesale Pricing Policy

SBI offers 100% pure organic essential oils tailored for diverse applications, providing wholesale pricing on bulk orders to benefit the clients. Most of the clients prefer to buy essential oils in wholesale quantities because of their product or business requirements and demands. This is a cost-effective option that also helps speed up their production.

Safety and Precautions for Wholesale Essential Oil

  • Dilution: Natural essential oils are highly concentrated and should be diluted with a carrier oil before using them topically. When given orally, they are diluted with water. While the dilution ratio would differ with each requirement, it is usually between 1% and 5% depending on the essential oil and the intended use.
  • Allergies: Some people may be allergic to certain organic essential oils or fragrances. It’s important to perform a patch test before using a new essential oil on a person.
  • Ventilation: Ensure your storage unit has enough ventilation so that the aroma does not concentrate in enclosed spaces. Open windows or use fans to disperse the aroma else this may cause difficulty in breathing for some people.
  • Storage: Organic essential oils should be stored in dark glass bottles away from direct heat and sunlight. This helps preserve their potency and prevent oxidation. Also, use proper labeling methods and add their botanical names on the bottle. Arrange them in a manner that they are easily found when needed.
  • Industry Standards: Consult experts regarding the permissible quantities of essential oils depending on the type and requirement. Ensure your product meets the required industry standards and guidelines.

You can buy good quality bulk essential oils from Sustainable Botanicals at fair prices. If you have any questions regarding SBI’s organic essential oil types or need to share your requirements, the team of experts here can help you. Feel free to connect with the team at SBI via phone or email.

FAQs on Wholesale Essential Oils Required by Businesses

1. How to Store Bulk Essential Oils?

Store essential oils in a cool place away from direct heat. Store them in sun-protected glass (amber/ blue) or aluminum bottles.

2. What certifications should be checked before using essential oils in any product?

Refer to FDA guidelines regarding the use and permissible limits for essential oils in various products. FDA does this on a case to case basis as there is no common regulation.

3. Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, SBI offers wholesale pricing for bulk quantities of essential oils.

4. Do you offer shipping services across the US?

Yes, SBI can ship the essential oils anywhere across the US, and offer fast turnaround times.