Geranium Oil

Geranium Oil is an essential oil derived from the leaves and stems of the Pelargonium Graveolens plant which is native to the Reunion Islands. The most common method is steam distillation. In this process, the leaves and stems of the plant are placed in a still and steam is passed through the material which causes the essential oil to evaporate. The steam and oil vapors are then condensed and collected with the oil floating on top of the condensed water.

Bulk Geranium Oil at Wholesale Pricing

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What Makes SBI’s Geranium Oil Superior?

  • Wild-cultivated
  • Prevents unwanted fungal growth throughout the body
  • Used in perfumes and aromatherapy applications
  • Blends in well with a wide variety of other essential oils
  • Our operation benefits local families

Chemical Components of Geranium Oil

Citronellol: It is a fragrant colorless liquid, commonly used as a scent in perfumes and soaps.

Geraniol: It has a sweet, floral rose-like scent and is widely used in the fragrance industry due to its antioxidant properties.

Linalool: It has a floral scent and is commonly used in perfumes and aromatherapy.

Citronellyl formate: The liquid is characterized by a sweet and fruity aroma and is utilized in the manufacturing of personal care products, soaps and perfumes.

10-epi-γ-eudesmol: This is a sesquiterpene alcohol with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

Key Features and Benefits of Geranium Oil

Antioxidant: The oil is abundant in antioxidants, which aid in safeguarding the body against harmful free radicals that could potentially cause illnesses.

Astringent: Geranium Oil is a natural astringent, meaning it can help tighten and tone the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Antimicrobial: The oil has antimicrobial properties that can help fight off harmful bacteria and viruses making it useful in treating minor cuts and wounds.

Pain Relief: Geranium essential oil has analgesic properties, which make it useful in reducing pain and inflammation associated with conditions such as arthritis and sore muscles.

Geranium Oil Blends well with

Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, Bergamot Oil, Lemon Oil, Grapefruit Oil and Jasmine Oil

Common Uses:

  • Skincare
  • Haircare
  • Aromatherapy

Botanical Name Pelargonium graveolens
CAS Number 8000-46-2
INCI Name Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium) Oil
Origin Reunion Islands
Plant Part Leaves and Tops
Extraction Method Steam Distilled
Flash Point >200°C
Aroma Floral
Storage Keep in a cool, dark and dry place
Shelf Life 2 years

Q. Is there a recommended ratio of Geranium Oil to carrier oil for topical use?

Yes, a recommended ratio for topical use of Geranium Essential Oil is 1-2 drops per 1 teaspoon of a carrier oil, such as jojoba or coconut oil.

Q. What is the shelf life of Geranium Oil?

The shelf life of Geranium essential oil is typically 2-3 years if stored properly. To check if the oil has gone bad, look for any changes in color, consistency, or scent.

Q. How often can I use Geranium Oil for skincare without causing irritation?

The frequency of use for Geranium Oil in skincare products depends on personal tolerance and skin type. It is recommended to start with a small amount of oil and gradually increase use, up to twice daily, to avoid irritation. It is also important to patch test before applying the oil to larger areas of the skin.

Q. How much Geranium Oil should I use for aromatherapy diffusers?

Add 5-10 drops of Geranium essential oil per 100ml of water in the diffuser.